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  • Fully trained and competent staff at all
  • Purpose-designed and equipped removal vehicles.
  • Provision of suitable and adequate
    coverings for the protection of furniture.
  • The use of PMA - approved warehouse and storage facilities.
  • The use of clean, high quality packing materials.
  • Availability of comprehensive all risks in-
    transit storage insurance.
  • Public recourse through a national executive committee in the event of a complaint. For moves taking place within the borders of SA.

Lions Club

The Professional Movers' Association (PMA), previously know as the South African Furniture Removers and Warehousemen's Association (SAFWA) was founded in 1959.

The original objective of the PMA was to give its members a voice in applying for transport permits that were required in those days. The PMA also promoted the sharing of return load facilities among its members. Although the permit system was revoked in 1991, the PMA continued as an accreditation body, setting professional standards for the removal industry.

Today the PMA represents a guarantee of superior service, quality and peace of mind. PMA membership is also conditional upon prescribed professional standards and a code of ethics

  • To adhere strictly to a policy of truth and honesty in our advertising.
  • To be completely honest, fair and courteous in our relationship with our customers, with competitors and suppliers.
  • To refrain from defaming competitors by any false representative or false disparagement of the quality of their service.
  • To take all possible steps to protect the environment.
  • To strive to achieve the highest professional, financial and operational standards and have a commercial reputation beyond reproach.

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